Shortcut Thin Mints

Shortcut Thin Mints

Have you exhausted your Girl Scout cookie supply yet? Yeah, thought so. It’s a long time from February to July, isn’t it? I guess you could call around, see if your friends have any stashed in the freezer you could buy. Or you could make your own-without turning on the oven. I happily discovered this shortcut last fall when I spotted Oreo Thins in the grocery store.


When I first saw these (they come in several flavors) I admit I wondered who would want to eat them. I mean, less of the good creamy stuff-basically all I ever ate Oreos for as a kid-what’s up with that? When they invented Double Stuf Oreos I pretty much knew someone in Oreo engineering was looking out for me. Not my waistline, but my tastebuds. Now they have Mega Stuf (oh yeah!) and Triple Double Oreos. Then it seems they suddenly went the other direction with Oreo Thins. To be fair, the company did not take their regular chocolate wafers and just put less filling between them. No, the wafers are thinner, too. As I marveled that anyone would want less Oreo per bite, particularly less filling, it dawned on me who would like these-and she was waiting for me at home. The only kid I ever knew who, when presented with a cupcake crowned with swirly piped frosting, couldn’t take a bite until said frosting was unceremoniously scraped off into the trashcan as I wailed “it’s homemade!”-my daughter. Oreos? She opened each one with a butter knife and scraped out the filling, piling it on a saucer and offering it to the rest of us as she happily munched the plain chocolate wafers. Hey, I was eating Double Stuf Oreos before they were even invented! These were her dream Oreos. So much less work, so much less scraping. Into my cart they went.


After buying the classic flavored Thins, I decided to start trying all the flavors. Though I’m not much for store-bought cookies, I have the occasional hankering for Oreos. Especially the Double Stuf. They come out with all sorts of crazy flavors, but just the classic Double Stuf is my fave. Until I saw the mint Thins. I ate one and was instantly reminded of Girl Scout Thin Mints, minus the chocolate coating. But it couldn’t be too hard to fix that, could it? Not really.


After trying three different recipes of dipping chocolate, I finally landed on the one I like, basically for taste and stability purposes. Notice I didn’t mention looks. While they look a bit shiny in these photos, they eventually wind up with a matte finish. That’s okay with me, but I just want you to be aware that like your brand new car, they won’t be shiny forever.



Just melt the chocolate in the microwave and then stir in the mint extract. Dip the cookies, one at a time, into the chocolate on a fork, then gently tap off the excess chocolate on the side of the bowl and place on parchment or waxed paper. I made a little swirl on top of each cookie with the fork, but you don’t have to. This recipe makes just enough for 32 cookies which is how many come in a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints. There are 40 Oreos in a package of Oreo Mint Thins. You can just munch on the rest as you’re dipping-fortification, you know?



You can let these sit on the counter until the chocolate has hardened sufficiently-an hour or two, depending on the thickness of the coating-or you can be like me: impatient to eat them so you pop them in the fridge right away and 30 minutes later you’re in Thin Mint heaven. You can store them at room temperature (unless it’s super hot in your house), or in the refrigerator, but they’ll be pretty hard after several hours of refrigeration so let them sit out a few minutes before serving. They may be frozen; allow to thaw completely before eating.

No mixing batter, no turning on the oven, four ingredients, and only slightly more work than going to the door and ordering cookies. These are so crazy good-minty, chocolatey, and much richer than an ordinary Thin Mint cookie-you definitely need these. February is a loooong time from now.

Shortcut Thin Mints

July 14, 2017
: 32 cookies
: Easy


  • 10 oz. chocolate almond bark (candy coating) from a 16 oz. package
  • 1 ½ c. semisweet chocolate chips
  • ½ tsp. mint extract
  • 32 mint flavored Oreo Thins
  • Step 1 Line one large or two small baking sheets with parchment or waxed paper.
  • Step 2 Put almond bark and chocolate chips in a small, deep, microwavable bowl.
  • Step 3 Microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring after each 30 seconds, until chocolate is melted.
  • Step 4 Stir in mint extract.
  • Step 5 Place an Oreo on a fork and dip in chocolate. Tap the fork on the edge of the bowl to remove excess chocolate. Place on lined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining cookies.
  • Step 6 Let set at room temperature 1-2 hours or refrigerate 30 minutes. Store at room temperature or in refrigerator (let stand a few minutes before eating if refrigerated).
  • Step 7 May be frozen. Thaw completely before eating.







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