It’s the Fourth! Sweet!

It’s the Fourth! Sweet!

If you haven’t decided on a sweet treat for your holiday tomorrow-it’s not too late! I’ve rounded up a variety of goodies perfect for your Fourth of July. Some feed a bunch & some feed a hungry few. Only two require an oven! Fix one up today and spend tomorrow making memories (and eating).

1. Shortcake Sheet Cake

Guys-this cake feeds a crowd, tastes delicious with just fresh fruit and whipped cream or ice cream (or all by itself-it’s that good!) and is super simple to make. It stays moist for quite awhile, but I promise it won’t last that long. No special ingredients to run to the store for. Bake the cake, slice it up, put out the toppings, and let everyone help themselves. Done.

2.  Tutti Frutti Ice Cream

Just posted it last Friday. I may be turned away from the family celebration if I don’t show up with this. It’s ice cream done light: citrus and banana, some cream but mostly half and half, no eggs, no cooking a base first. Less cream? Got it. Egg allergy? No problem. Cook the base and wait four hours for it to cool? No way! Makes four quarts- you’re going to want to hold back a little for yourself for later.

3.  Mocha Charlotte

The cake you don’t have to bake. Five ingredients. Get out the blender and the springform pan and layer away. Serve refrigerated or frozen (definitely my preference, especially on a hot summer day). Pre-cut this after it’s set up a little, then everyone can help themselves easily whenever the chocolate/coffee mood strikes. Easy, but looks impressive.

4.  Berry Cherry Crisp

You have to turn on the oven for this one- but it is so worth it. While it might seem counterintuitive to serve something warm on a hot day, this fruit-filled crisp just screams summer with a big ol’ scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Well, it doesn’t literally scream. That would be weird. But it is a deliciously nostalgic dessert perfect for your family Fourth, full of juicy fruit and crunchy texture. If you asked what you could bring to my house for a summer dessert, this would be my choice. Don’t forget the ice cream!

5.  Easy Berries Romanoff

There’s a reason why the title starts with ‘easy’. If you can wash berries and whip cream, you can make this. If you’d rather not make individual servings you can layer it in one big bowl. And guess what? This would pair perfectly with dessert number one- Shortcake Sheet Cake.

6.  Peanut Butter Snack Mix

I included this snack mix because it makes a lot (20 cups) and it’s handy to set out on the table (provide some small plastic or paper cups so guests can scoop up the mix with-and eat it out of-cups) for the grazers. Make it look more Fourth festive: exchange the Reese’s Pieces for red and blue chocolate candies.

7.  Fantastic Fruity-Flavored Floats

Technically not a snack or dessert, but kinda sweet and definitely thirst-quenching on a hot day. I’m surprised how popular these have been-and continue to be. No soda involved and all the ingredients are easy to find at your grocery store. With a vegan option, which just happens to be my favorite. These would taste so good and keep you cool during the fireworks.

I hope you have a sweet-and safe-Fourth of July!

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