Can I share your recipe on my blog?

You can! Please write out the recipe and all directions in your own words – do not copy and paste. Provide a link back to the original recipe here on my site. Use your own photographs of whatever you’ve made – that’s what your readers want to see!


Can I use your photos on my website?

Shoplifting is a crime…so please don’t shoplift my photos. Though I’m not a professional photographer by any means, I’ve worked hard to capture the images on my blog and they belong to me – The Old School Cook – alone. Please write to info@theoldschoolcook.com for permission to use one of my photos. Exception: you are a blogger using one of my recipes and the accompanying photo in a recipe roundup AND you are providing a permalink back to the original recipe on theoldschoolcook.com.


Do you collect and/or share personal information?

Your privacy is very important to me – that’s why I will never share or sell any personal information. Like many websites you visit each and every day, my site uses Google AdSense and Google Analytics. Both tools tailor ads and provide me with helpful data relating to site traffic. I use industry leading software to ensure The Old School Cook remains secure and to prevent malicious attacks. E-mail addresses obtained to automatically update you on the latest posts are strictly retained by me.


Why am I seeing ads popping up in random places?

I am always updating and improving the user experience for my site. I understand that ads popping up in the wrong place can be frustrating and I am working to improve that.


I’m not seeing any images or there is a broken link.

If something doesn’t look right, well, it probably isn’t. Simply drop me an e-mail at info@theoldschoolcook.com and I will correct the issue as soon as possible.


Do you partner with any particular brands?

Not yet – but I’d love to! If you represent a brand or product you think would be a good fit for me, please contact me and let’s chat.