Fantastic Fruity-Flavored Floats

Fantastic Fruity-Flavored Floats

This post won’t be very long so I purposely chose an extra long title. Also, I’m being uber flexible today (my husband’s gonna want to note this in his planner- I’m being flexible today!) with flavors, amounts, methods, etc. I have 3 float ideas to share, none involve soda or alcohol, and one is dairy-free and vegan so all your buds and family members can partake. You can mix and match at will. Consider this post full of gentle suggestions. Plus, it’s Monday. Ugh. No complicated rules stuff on Mondays, okay?


We love drinking floats in the summer. Often it’s what we have for dessert on especially hot nights. While I’ve usually made them with something carbonated, lately I’ve been craving something non-bubbly and fruit-flavored. So I started mixing and matching, and I’m sharing my family’s favorites.

Our hands down “please sir, I want some more/Ima gonna gulp this all day” favorite is also dairy-free and vegan. Raspberry lemonade float for the win! This gets pretty complicated, so pay close attention to the recipe: fill your glass (I chose wide-mouth canning jars ’cause I have a wide mouth and I thought it was especially appropriate. And cute. Not my mouth, the jars.) half full of lemonade. Put 2 scoops of raspberry sorbet in the glass. Finish filling with lemonade. Man, that was complicated. Find sorbet, which is comprised of water, sugar, and fruit (no milk or cream), right next to the ice cream.

The soft, peachy look of the rainbow limeade float belies it tangy taste. If you like sour as much as sweet, this is the float for you. I used frozen limeade concentrate without added coloring so the limeade itself is pretty much clear. The soft, peachy color is just the orange part of rainbow sherbet (confess: do you pronounce it sherbert? I don’t know anyone who says sherBET) melting down into the limeade. I served this to a dinner guest and I think after requesting a second glass she was convinced. The recipe proportions are the same as for the raspberry limeade: fill glass halfway with limeade, then 2 scoops of rainbow sherbet, then finish off with limeade.

If you think summer smells like pineapple, ocean water, and coconut sunscreen then a pineapple coconut float might be your favorite. Pineapple-coconut frozen yogurt in yummy, healthy pineapple juice. Want to up the coconut factor? Squirt a little cream of coconut (found with the drink mixers at most grocers) in the juice and mix before pouring. If you can’t find coconut-pineapple frozen yogurt (I found it at a Kroger store) you can use plain pineapple sherbet-or another flavor of frozen yogurt.

These cool, refreshing takes on the traditional ice cream float would make a great ending to summer barbecues or pool parties. Or sweaty yardwork. Mix and match, or brainstorm your own flavor combos. I’d love to hear what your family’s faves are.

Fantastic Fruity-Flavored Floats

June 12, 2017
: 4
: Easy


  • 32 oz. lemonade, limeade, or pineapple juice
  • 1 pint raspberry sorbet, rainbow sherbet, or pineapple-coconut frozen yogurt
  • Step 1 Fill each of 4 glasses with 4 ounces of lemonade, limeade, or pineapple juice.
  • Step 2 Put two scoops of sorbet, sherbet, or frozen yogurt in each glass.
  • Step 3 Top off with another 4 ounces of preferred beverage. Serve immediately.



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