Hey there! Welcome! I’m Julie: wife, mom, Jesus follower. Oh, and animal lover. (Some would say “crazy dog lady”.) There’s no place I’d rather be than in the kitchen. Although I’m a newbie blogger I’ve been cooking and baking for about 45 years! I live in a small midwestern town about three miles from the little farm I grew up on. That farm is where my love of cooking began as my mom, a great cook herself, encouraged me in the kitchen and left me in charge of meals while she did farm work. I’ve cooked hundreds of meals and baked thousands of goodies since then.

In case you’re wondering about the blog name, I have indeed been a school cook. But don’t worry-I won’t be posting “mystery meals” or “tuna surprise” on this blog. I like approachable, easy-to-prepare meals with seasonal ingredients, along with the occasional recipe that’s outside my comfort zone-I don’t like to eat the same thing all the time! But baking is my passion. Or maybe eating is my passion. Baking and then eating what I’ve baked. Fresh baked breads and warm, gooey cookies are my comfort foods.

So put on an apron-I’m waiting for you in the kitchen!